Breathe Easy with Our Duct Cleaning Services in Northern Manitoba

Hidden behind the walls and beneath the floors of your home is a network of air ducts that is designed to deliver heated or cooled air dependably throughout your home all year long. Operating almost constantly, these passages are magnets for dust and grime, pet dander, mold and mildew, allergens, odours, and other pollutants, trapping them and recirculating them over and over and possibly affecting your home comfort and your family’s health. 

Paul’s Plumbing & Heating offers professional duct cleaning services in Northern Manitoba, using state-of-the-art equipment and specialized cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork and provide you and your family with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. If it has been more than 5 years since you’ve had your ducts cleaned – or if you’ve never had them cleaned – contact us to schedule a service appointment. Your family, pets and guests will thank you.

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